The people of Markeys

Giving you a peace of mind is our priority

Markeys: Your Trusted Trademark Agency

Markeys, a trademark agency established in 1985, is an independent specialist in trademark research, registration, (online) protection, and consultancy services. We serve a wide range of domestic and international trademark holders and frequently collaborate with advertising agencies, communication firms, and local agents worldwide, including those within and beyond the European Union. At Markeys, we pride ourselves on our dedicated team of experienced advisors who prioritize personalized guidance, transparency, reliability, and the cultivation of enduring business partnerships. Our trademark consultants and attorneys possess a profound understanding of business dynamics and are committed to assisting you in maximizing the protection of your trademarks. Your peace of mind is our foremost concern.

Meet the team

Charlaine Finkers

BMM Certified Trademark Attorney


Nick Vissers

 Trademark Consultant


Martijn Schenning

 Trademark Consultant/Managing Director


Daphne Kroese

Business partner /  Trademark Attorney

Rob Dorscheidt

Strategy & Innovation


Rita Leferink

Financial Manager

Stieni Wageman

Office Manager