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After trademark registration comes market protection RD Engels???. To Markeys, protection means we will add your trademark to our monitoring system. This because thousands of applications for a trademark are submitted on a daily basis across the world.

In order to avoid ending up losing your trademark rights, it is important to know if any third-party is using identical or similar trademarks (klopt dat???) and to take action in time to avoid those infringements. Not to frighten you, but if no steps are taken against the infringing trademarks, you might end up losing your trademark rights (dilution).

Markeys offers continuously monitoring of your trademark and timely advice on taking action against infringements.

RD Trademark en brands even goed gebruiken

Watching service

It is important to continuously monitoring whether any (younger) infringing applications have been submitted. Our trademark monitoring service allows you to take measures on time.

Having Markeys monitor your trademark(s) means that based on preliminary advice and without any further obligations, we will investigate whether any younger application is infringing your trademark rights. We will only identify those applications that are relevant in your case.

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Action against infringements

If you wish to object to the application in question, on your behalf we will send out a warning to the applicant or we will conduct opposition proceedings. If needed, we can assist you in your way to bringing the opponent to court.
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Markeys: more than 35 years of experience in trademark protection and watching

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