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Is your trademark free for use?

Before using and registering your trademark, we recommend conducting an investigation to ensure its availability and assess any potential negative associations or linguistic challenges in foreign languages. Markeys conducts various types of searches, including a complimentary identical trademark scan, an availability trademark search, an in-use search, and a linguistic search. Failing to investigate your trademark poses risks such as it already being registered by a third party. Additionally, third-party objections could lead to problems in the (near) future. Moreover, your trademark may lack sufficient distinctiveness.

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Identical Trademark Scan

(free of charge)

Markeys conducts a trademark scan to determine if your trade name already exists.

Availability Trademark and Name search

Conducting a search in the relevant registers is a crucial step in the process of using and registering trademarks


We conduct in-use searches to determine if the trademark in question has been actively used.

Trademark Linguistic screening

 In a linguistic screening the new brand is examined by native speakers in the desired languages.

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